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hearing aid in lancaster paIf you are looking for a hearing aid in Willow Street, Lancaster, or Lititz, you can count on a truly personalized experience when you visit one of our A&E Audiology & Hearing Aid Center hearing centers. Our audiologists want your hearing aid experience to be optimized for your best hearing clarity, physical comfort, and cognitive function.

Why Is a Customized Hearing Aid Important?

The manufacturer recommended settings for hearing aids are issued with the average hearing aid user – and average ear acoustics – in mind. This means that an average degree of hearing loss is addressed in the hearing aid software settings when they leave the factory. While these standard settings may satisfy the needs of many hearing aid users, they also often miss the mark, because they do not take into account the very personal hearing situation and individual ear acoustics of each patient.

That is why at A&E Audiology & Hearing Aid Center we offer custom-fit hearing aid services for our patients. When you visit our Lancaster, Lititz, and Willow Street audiologists, we carefully evaluate your hearing needs and perform adjustments to fit your unique needs. We also perform a systematic program of probe-microphone testing and verification, where your individualized optimum settings can be established with our Verifit2 technology by Audioscan.

What Is Different About Our Prescriptive Method?

When hearing devices are shipped from a manufacturer, the software settings are established with no specific users involved, i.e., software settings are established which are thought to be most advantageous for the proprietary construction of the hearing device.

When audiologists fit them to patients, the factory setting is changed, but usually to a setting at the doctor’s discretion, or at a setting typical for new hearing-loss patients. In effect, no real ear testing or verification takes place in either of these supposedly prescriptive methods. However, at A&E Audiology & Hearing Aid Center we go one step further than most.

Get Real-Ear Measurements for Your A&E Audiology Hearing Aid in Lancaster, Lititz, or Willow Street, PA

Real-ear probe-microphone verification can play a huge role in establishing precise settings that are most beneficial to the specific wearer of a hearing device. The tremendous advantage of real-ear measurements is that it allows your audiologist to evaluate your hearing while you are actually wearing the device.

The first step in the real-ear method is to actually measure the size and shape of your ear canal so that we know the acoustic parameters we are working with. Then, using a small microphone inserted in the ear canal, your audiologist introduces a sound which is detected by the microphone, and that sound detection is compared to what the microphone senses without the hearing aid in place. From this comparison, through repetitive trial and error, the most useful software setting can be selected to fit your specific degree of hearing loss.

Choose from Numerous Top-of-the-Line Hearing Aid Styles & Brands

Modern hearing aids are a perfect fusion of leading research, innovative technology, and cutting-edge design that combine to restore hearing. A&E Audiology & Hearing Aid Center carries the very best hearing device solutions from Oticon, Phonak, Starkey, and Lyric.

With sleek styles and solutions to fit nearly every hearing need, the hearing devices we fit are engineered to deliver optimal performance specific to your unique hearing needs and lifestyle.

Our Hearing Aid Styles Include…

Additional Services Include…

Schedule Your FREE Hearing Consultation & Learn How We Can Help You with an Invisible Hearing Aid in Willow Street, Lititz, or Lancaster

Call our Lancaster, Lititz, or Willow Street hearing center for a complete hearing consultation, and find out for yourself what a difference real-world hearing customization can make. The journey to your best hearing experience begins today!

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Our Lancaster PA audiologist, Lititz PA audiologist and Willow Street PA audiologist provide award-winning hearing care and hearing treatment for children, teens and adults. Our hearing care and treatment includes reducing the risk of dementia, improving cognitive function, restoring hearing clarity, tinnitus treatment for ringing in your ears, invisible hearing aids, custom ear plugs, hearing protection devices, and hearing consultations.
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