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Darlene’s Story

A Confined Life Set Free – Darlene’s Story


You’ll not meet a more kind or giving soul than Darlene. If we had to vote for the most generous and giving person we know, Darlene would be our first choice hands-down. To know her is to love her. It has been a great pleasure to watch her light up the world of those with whom she interacts. It wasn’t always this way though.


Darlene has lived with hearing loss since 1962. She has Otosclerosis which is a genetic disease of the bones in the middle ear. Early on, Darlene achieved some hearing recovery success through two surgical procedures. Her recovery didn’t last though, as her hearing began to fade once again. Always hopeful, Darlene met with her doctor and requested a third surgery. Her doctor didn’t have good news – surgery would not help, she would have to try hearing aids. Then things went from bad to worse. She was fitted with her first pair of hearing aids, and they didn’t work. This was a tough season of life for Darlene.

Everything which Darlene held dear – family, friends, outings together, her numerous volunteer activities – were being taken from her. Because she couldn’t hear others and truly understand what was being said, every relationship and activity which she previously loved became a struggle and burden. Hearing loss was creating a cage of isolation for Darlene, keeping her from all the things in life which she truly loved. By all appearances, this season of separation would likely define the rest of her life.


Everything was about to change.


Darlene’s daughter Janie is our account manager here at A&E. Janie encouraged her mom to give A&E Audiology a try. Ever hopeful, Darlene scheduled her appointment. We provided her with a thorough examination and a new pair of hearing aids matched to her condition. The difference has been dramatic and life changing! She was immediately amazed by the difference in her hearing. As she was leaving our office that day and was driving away, she heard the sound of her cars’ turn signal for the very first time! Hearing your turn signals may seem like a simple thing, but for Darlene, it made all the difference in the world.

Darlene’s life is full once again. She has been freed to enjoy her time with family and friends, even in a noisy environment. Her volunteer activities at Meals on Wheels, The Food Pantry, and Hersheypark are back and better than ever! She is overjoyed to have resumed her involvement with Eastern Star. Darlene is their secretary and hears well enough to take notes at all the meetings.

We think that Darlene sums up her story of hearing recovery the best:

“It means I have a life again, and that I’m blessed that I can hear again. It’s a great gift!”

Darlene’s story is terrific, and she’s not alone. We have had the privilege of seeing many other happy endings.


Success stories like Glenn and Cary’s are also why we do what we do here at A&E Audiology.


“I could give many examples of how my hearing has improved since I got fitted with new aids at A&E…I’m hearing things I haven’t heard in years and I’m having conversations in places where I wouldn’t have bothered trying before. But I think I can sum it up by saying I actually have days where I forget that I have hearing loss!”

-Glenn S.


“I really appreciate how Dr. Elliot and her team took the time to understand my particular situation and tested me accordingly.

As a musician, I need to be able to have settings for when mixing which is different than just “hearing life” and they were able to provide that to me.

They also allowed me to demo different options to find the one that worked best for my situation. I also love the way technology allows me to interface with my phone, computer, and other devices. Thanks, A & E!!!”

-Cary R.


We look forward to the opportunity to create your success story of regaining Better Hearing for a Better Life.

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