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Hearing Doctor in New Danville, PA, Shares 5 Simple Questions to Help You Identify Hearing Loss

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If you could guess the top three major public health issues, what would you say?

Would you be surprised to find out that hearing loss is in the top three? With 48 million people in the United States alone experiencing hearing loss, we shouldn’t be surprised in the least.

So what exactly is it? Are you going to catch it?

Frankly, no, you can’t “catch” hearing loss. Most commonly there are three types: conductive, sensorineural, and mixed. Conductive hearing loss is when sounds do not move properly through the ear and is normally reversible. Sensorineural hearing loss is irreversible damage to the inner ear. Mixed hearing loss is a combination of both.

Now you know the types, but do you know what causes it? If you find yourself favoring one ear over another, unable to hear well in a group setting, or a muffling of sounds, you might be experiencing some form of hearing loss. Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

1. Do I have a cold?

Sometimes, a cold or a sinus infection can result in some short-term hearing loss. You are probably experiencing a feeling of fullness within the ear.

Congestion within the ear can muffle sounds and give you an experience of hearing loss. Tweet This

As your cold or sinus infection clears, the hearing loss should clear as well.

2. Have I been cleaning my ears with a cotton swab?

Probably, right? A lot of us ignore the warning printed so clearly on our box of cotton swabs: Do not use these to clean your ears! What’s the fuss?

First, you could be pushing ear wax further back into the ear canal. If that’s the case, the earwax might be stuck, and you will need a doctor to remove it properly.

Secondly, you can easily damage your eardrum. You might think you’re being safe, but if you aren’t gentle enough, it could rupture.

3. Did I go to a concert recently?

Maybe you’re one of those people who enjoys the front row experience of a live music show. It might not have occurred to you that your ears weren’t too happy with that choice.

Noise exposure and hearing loss are directly linked, if the noise is loud enough. Do yourself a favor:

If you know you’re going to a concert, working on a loud construction site, or going to a rambunctious sporting event, protect your hearing. Tweet This

Utilize earplugs and save yourself the potential damage to your hearing.

4. Have I had my ears checked for wax buildup?

Some earwax is actually beneficial for your ears. It keeps the ear clean and provides antibacterial and antifungal properties to the inner ear.

But there can be too much of a good thing. An excess buildup of earwax can cause earaches, infections, and in some cases, hearing loss.

Your family doctor can actually remove the wax if it’s causing you problems, so don’t try to do it yourself. (Remember, cotton swabs aren’t meant for the ears!) Once the wax is removed, your hearing should go back to normal.

5. Am I at least 60 years old?

We don’t ask just to know your age. Statistics show that in people over age 60, it’s estimated that one in four has some form of hearing loss. As you get older, this only increases to one in two at age 70.

Time changes things, but it’s never too late to pay attention to your hearing loss, even if you’re older. Age-related hearing loss is treatable and doesn’t have to stand in your way. The benefits of utilizing hearing aids at any age will only serve you well, allowing you to continue living life at the highest quality and engaging with those around you.

Hearing loss can be temporary or permanent, develop slowly over time or by sudden damage to the ear. If your hearing loss doesn’t go away, leaving you troubled and frustrated, an audiologist can provide you with answers.

At A&E Audiology & Hearing Aid Center, our job is to evaluate your hearing loss and how to treat it. More than that, we want to be sure you’re experiencing life to the fullest.

Don’t live life with untreated hearing loss. Come and experience A&E Audiology and our 5-star-rated hearing doctor in New Danville, PA!

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